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About me

Hi, my name is Rolf. I'm a 33-year-old World of Tanks enthusiast. I have been playing the game on the EU-server since early 2016 (IGN: StormGoblin).

I work as a front-end developer, which means I design and create websites for a living. I started this website as a small hobby project, but thought I could share it with the whole World of Tanks community.

A while I delved into World of Tanks statistics. Because I strive to be a better player, I searched for the means to measure my skill and performance. I was also curious what tanks I played best with and where I should focus my attention. Of course I found the XVM mod (which is a free battle interface modification mod) and other statistics websites. Often I had to switch between sites in order to view all statistics I wanted to see and in my opinion I thought I could do better.

Thus, the creation and launch of WOTstorm.net in 2018. This is a website dedicated to World of Tanks statistics. View your own or another player's statistics.


Expected Tank Values have been updated to version "2020-08-30".
Expected Tank Values have been updated to version "2020-05-02".
Expected Tank Values have been updated
The moment of truth! Today WOTstorm.net has been launched!

Rating color scale

Below you can find the various ratings used by Wargaming.net and by XVM. A rating is calculated for a player and based on the range in which the rating belongs, the player is rated and color coded. For example: a player with a win rate of 48.30% is categorised as an average player.

Keys WG Rating Win Rate WN8 Trees Cut Ratio
Very bad 0 - 1999 < 46% < 300 0 - 0.3
Bad 2000 - 3999 46% 300 - 450 0.3 - 0.7
Below average 47% 450 - 650
Average 4000 - 5999 48% - 49% 650 - 900 0.7 - 1.2
Above average 50% - 51% 900 - 1200
Good 6000 - 7999 52% - 53% 1200 - 1600 1.2 - 1.8
Very good 8000 - 9999 54% - 55% 1600 - 2000 1.8 - 2.5
Great 56% - 59% 2000 - 2450
Unicum 10000 - 19999 60% - 64% 2450 - 2900 2.5 >
Super unicum 65% > 2900 >


The various colors that have been used for the scales have been adopted from WoTLabs.net.

WN8 ratings

The ratings for the WN8 score are based on the scales and expected tank values of XVM. This calculation (and others) can be found on the XVM website.

Trees Cut Ratio

In the dark reaches of the web I found an awesome WOT forum post: The Lumberjack Lobby. What is does? It gives you a color scale for the amount of trees cut (trees cut ratio). Of course, you can't measure skill by this rating, but it's fun.

Trees cut color scale
Trees cut color scale, adopted from The Lumberjack Lobby.
@Greenpeace: No real trees have been harmed! No need to board our ships...erm....tanks! FeuerSturm91 in the Lumberjack Lobby, 5 March 2015